Do you have a web site?

Earn cash by linking your web site to Pickfactory. You'll earn a 10% commission off the first sale made to anyone who buys products from our site because they came to us through your site. Even if they come back up to 10 days later and buy something, we'll credit your account for 10% of the sale!

All commissions are paid via only. If you don't have account at PayPal, please register one soon.

You may also cash in your earnings and get discount in our store.

Here's how it works:

  • You sign up as  a Pickfactory Affiliate
  • Using info we provide you place links on your site to our site

We do the rest! And you never have to do anything else! You can quit anytime you want.

You may download some images to put on your site at the download area (left menu). For linking see below. Or you can just link from text like "Pickfactory - Custom Printed Guitar Picks". It's up to you. The more tasty link you make, the more dollars you make.

More example : Link to